Asus Rog strix g17

Processor: R9 6900HX
Os: Windows 11
Ram: 8GB+8GB
Storage: 1TB SSD-Gen4
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce RTX3070Ti- 8GB
Display: 17.3 WQHD-240hz
Keyboard: Backlit KB- Per key RGB
Webcam: Rog Eye Clip webcam
Battery: 90Whr
Warranty: Additional 2 years @2499

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Asus Rog strix g17
The asus rog strix g17’s concentrated firepower streamlines and elevates the gaming experience. Everything from gaming to multitasking is quick and fluid with a powerful cpu and advanced gpu. Go full-throttle on esports speed with a display that can reach 300hz/3ms. Adaptive sync provides ultra-smooth gameplay, while advanced thermal upgrades keep you cool under pressure. You can achieve your ideal play no matter what your game is.

Characteristics of rog strix g17:

Dominance in esports
The brand new 2022 asus rog strix g17 is powered by the latest amd ryzen 9 6900hx cpu paired with up to an nvidia 3070ti laptop gpu with 150w max tgp and mux switch. Ddr5 memory keeps your cpu fed with data at all times, ensuring a responsive experience. You’ll never have to wait for file transfers or game loading screens again thanks to pcie 4.0 ssd support.

Intelligent cooling from rog
High-end gaming components generate heat, which can have an effect on performance and noise levels. To keep thermals under control, the strix g employs rog intelligent cooling. The process begins with liquid metal on the cpu, which reduces temperatures by up to 16 degrees Celsius when compared to traditional thermal pastes. Four fan outlets ensure that the laptop can get rid of excess heat as quickly as possible. Silent mode keeps noise levels quiet in lighter tasks, while performance mode unlocks the power of your laptop by increasing both graphics power limits and fan speeds. Whatever you’re doing, you can find the perfect balance of power and acoustics.


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