Hp 32gb ddr4-3200 udimm


With HP’s low-power, high-speed DDR4 memory, you can expand the capabilities of your HP Business Desktop PC and enhance system performance and application responsiveness.

Memory Attributes: Unbuffered, Non-ECC
Memory Rating: PC4-25600
Pin Configuration: 288-pin
RAM Technology: DRAM, DDR4 SDRAM
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Flexible and quick scaling
With lightning-fast, power-efficient memory that you can expand to match your particular requirements, you may reduce start-up times with fewer pauses during ordinary operations.  Run multiple applications concurrently, and switch between them with ease.

By updating with hp-branded memory that has been thoroughly tested for flawless system-level integration with hp pcs, you can make sure that all of your memory’s specifications match.

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With the same premium hp limited warranty that you receive for your pc, you can safeguard your investment.


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